Do you know that content is the most important element of your website? Your audience is visiting your site with specific goals in mind. They want to know that you can solve their legal problems. And they won’t choose you just because your website is beautifully designed. You need content that demonstrates your expertise and portrays you as an industry leader. The quality and value of your content can determine whether visitors will stay or even make that first call. Content has always been king on the internet. And while quantity was the main focus in the past, quality now holds the card and determines a website’s success with discoverability in the search engines.

What is Quality Content?

Content is a mixture of written, audio, video, and graphical information that is presented on your website with the purpose of providing information for your audience. Any lawyer can create basic content for their website, but when it comes to high-quality content it needs to be planned out, strategically created, and well-written in order to be effective. Creating content that is helpful and motivates visitors to stay on your website longer is what you should aim for. It’s all about pulling your audience, uncovering their pain points, and answering them.

High-quality content included the copy on website pages, company information pages, blog posts, practice area descriptions, whitepapers, images, infographics, videos, and reviews, or testimonials. Here are some characteristics of quality content:

  • Fresh, original content that makes your company, services, and website unique and valuable
  • Error-free, readable content
  • Factual content that provides your audience with what they want, need and expect
  • Original, interesting writing with an authentic voice
  • Avoid tricks meant to solely improve search engine rankings
  • Content that integrates well with the images you use
  • Content that uses original and valid research and links to authoritative sources that are not competitors
  • A stream of new content placed on your website and updated regularly.

While the content you publish may differ by type or topic, the main goal is to use that content to promote visitor engagement, brand awareness, and client conversion. Regularly producing high-quality content for your law firm will produce strong results.

Writing useful content is an important part of your firm’s marketing plan, but finding the time to create quality content and implement a content-based website marketing strategy is time-consuming. This is where Elite Content Writers come in. Our professional team of legal writers and marketing experts can help you created content that is specifically tailored to your practice, regional market, area of practice, and potential clients. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, so let us help you deliver a copy that will give you a competitive edge.

Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons why you need quality content for law firm website.

  1. Quality Content Educates Visitors

There are two types of visitors to your law firm’s website. The first is a person referred to your firm for a specific reason based on your practice areas. The first they will do is visit your website to see if you can help with their issue. If you don’t have enough content that shows your expertise and experience, it will work against you and they will move to the next law firm.

The second type of visitor is one who finds your website by typing their legal problem into a search engine. They know nothing about you so they want to see if you can help them. If they land on a webpage that only contains self-serving content, it will not be enough to convince them you’re good for the job. If visitors are going to make the decision to contact you, they need something compelling.

There is fierce competition for visitors, readers, and clients. What’s more, users can tell a spammy site from a qualitative one. When you share useful information, answer frequently asked questions (FAQ), promote ideas and discussions in your industry, and explain who you are and what you do, potential clients will identify you as a valuable resource and an authority in the industry. In essence, you want to create content that will drive traffic to your website, get you more clients, and increase visitor engagement.

  1. Quality Content is Relevant for a Long Time

Quality content for your law firm website is one that survives the test of time and remains relevant for many months or years. Evergreen can be developed in the form of top ten lists, how-to articles, case studies, or instructional videos. For instance, if you write an article about divorce during the coronavirus pandemic, that article will lose its relevance when things return to normal.  However, an article about the divorce process could be relevant for years. And you could easily update it if the law changes.

Quality content will have a longer lifespan value if it:

  • Is clearly written and provides value to readers
  • Does not “date stamp” the content with date or event-specific information
  • Follows SEO best practices
  • Covers issues within your industry
  • Is updated over time

Time-specific content is still useful and important for your web visitors even if it has a shorter shelf life. It’s all about finding the right balance between evergreen content and new items to ensure you grow long-term website traffic.

  1. Quality Content Gets Shared

Sharing is one of the main factors driving the growth of the internet. But as you already know, getting people to read and convert to clients because of your content is the hardest part of content marketing. This explains why some lawyers give up on this type of marketing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get your content read and shared when you focus on the quality.

High-quality content is valuable and worth sharing. This is the content that people find engaging, informative, insightful, or educational.  With the growth of social media, it’s important to make your brand visible online. This is true for law firms of all sizes. The types of content that are being shared include:

  • Tex-based content to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Infographics or graphical content with images shared to Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other social platforms
  • Audio and video content shared to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+

Content that is shared often can boost search engine rankings and traffic, which could mean more business. The key is having quality content that potential clients want to view, read, engage with, and share with others.

  1. Quality Content Increases Web Traffic

High search engine rankings and trusted incoming links bring more web traffic. Engaged readers will be coming to your site because they find it useful and informative. They subscribe to your feed, bookmark your website, and subscribe to your newsletter. That means that if your website copywriting is up to scratch and you have your marketing strategies in place, you can get more new clients. Every visit is an opportunity is to sell your service. So, creating landing pages that bring in visitors should definitely be part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Quality Content Increases Conversion Rates

To convert website visitors into your firm’s clients, your website needs content the telling clients that you can solve their legal problems. Just saying that your attorneys are leaders in the field or that you care for clients is not enough to convert a lead. You need to show it with your content. Individuals with legal issues appreciate accessible, useful content and if they find it on your website, they will likely contact you to inquire about your services or to just learn more about the topic.

You need to create regular content on topics relevant to your practice areas. The occasional article you put together when there’s an interesting case just won’t cut it. You need to be consistent to show your website’s visitors that are active and on top of your game. Having pages of in-depth information means that visitors will have something to keep them on your website. They will not be prompted to look anywhere else. Having quality content will also show visitors that you’re an expert in the field and that you know what you’re talking about. That builds trust and gives visitors the confidence to retain your legal services.

  1. Quality Content Enhances the Overall Brand Reputation

As a lawyer, everything that is published on your website is a reflection of you. Quality and informative content helps your firm build its reputation as an industry leader and a credible source of information within your field. Including current and informational content that is written in a clear and intelligent manner allows readers to feel that their questions are being answered. It also invites people to visit your website frequently and propels them to become clients if they need legal services.

As your content improves over time and your client list increases, visitors will see your firm as an industry leader that understands what people need and helps them understand legal issues much better. When you build your firm’s reputation, people will have a readily available trustworthy law firm to go to. So, get some elite content writers to help you create epic content that will give visitors a great impression of your brand.

  1. Quality Content Has a Greater SEO Value

If your content is going to be effective, people have to find it. You may be a quick or clever writer, but your content is not going to help your business if it cannot be discovered. Well written, quality content uses inbound links, appropriate keywords, and other elements that make your site more visible on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. This makes it important for law firms to create content that will stand out.

As search engine optimization (SEO) evolves, content marketing has become a much more important part of any well-designed SEO strategy. By researching which keywords most people use to find information related to your practice areas, your firm can post content that includes those keywords. And if you have high-quality content, search engines will rank your site higher in search results. Consequently, visitors will see your site as more credible because of the high ranking and the information they find on your website.

  1. Website Usability is Enhanced by High-Quality Website

Website usability involves many aspects of a website’s performance and success. It can include the ease of use and navigation for visitors, the accessibility of your content, and the connection between different pages. When it’s easy to locate useful, relevant content, users get a better and satisfactory experience. How many times have you visited and left a website in frustration after opening page after page and still not finding the information you wanted? Having informative, high-quality content on your website and including well-designed internal links can help give your visitors a much better experience.

Internal linking to other pieces of content allows visitors to easily discover other valuable content, making your website more usable. Internal linking involves the use of links to connect relevant pieces of content within a website. For instance, if your website has a page for a certain practice area and you also have a blog article that mentions some elements of that area of practice, interconnecting those pages by using internal linking will help visitors to easily find relevant content.

If you have a blog, practice area page, or FAQ page, be sure to include links to relevant posts and entries to improve your site’s usability. In addition, it may be important to include social media share buttons on every piece of content to encourage users to share your quality content with their family, friends, or colleagues.

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Elite Content Writers work with lawyers to create a custom content creation strategy. We start by understanding your audience, your business goals, and what you hope to achieve with content marketing. We’ll then review your website, current content, competitors, and run keyword research for potential topics. Our experienced legal writes will create and curate quality content aimed at your target market to increase brand awareness, increase engagement, and create more opportunities for conversion. Our goal is to clearly communicate what you want to get across using high impact legal and business content.

Our content offerings include whitepapers, blogs, long-form articles, website content, social media campaigns, whitepapers, product descriptions, eBooks, newsletters, infographics, press releases, technical writing, and thought leadership pieces. We can get you great quality content whenever you need it. No contract, no overhead!

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